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I Throw – I Glaze – I Fire – I Create
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“I am a creator, a maker of beautiful things.” Jaime (Sanders) Giger relocated to Lexington, KY via Sioux falls, SD and originally St. Louis, MO. She conferred her Masters in Teaching degree from Webster University and her K-12 Visual Arts Education degree from Missouri State University. “Clay and teaching been a constant in my life. It was only a natural fit to incorporate the two with my international photography. I am grateful for the art I am able to create and teach on a daily basis, as well as the 4000+ students I have inspired that passed through my classroom doors.”

Jaime (Sanders) Giger

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Jeanette Kirkpatrick

Jeanette Kirkpatrick studied with Jaime at Mississippi Mudgal Creatives, LLC

Jaime Giger is an exceptional multi-faceted artist from clay to conte crayon. She brings passion and excitement to her classroom while creating a challenging atmosphere for her students. Jaime puts forth her best and expects the best. It's this determination that makes her such a wonderful teacher.

Jeanette Kirkpatrick

Grant Kniffen

Grant Kniffen colleague / co-teacher of Jaime's at Parkway School District

Jamie is a fine teacher and colleague. I helped hire her fresh out of college and was her department leader for the next 10 years. She had exceptional organization skills that enabled her to manage the complexities of teaching and get the most out of students. Her ability as an artist grew much in the time I knew her. First as a potter, then as a photographer. Jamie is very motivated and a fine artist and person

Grant Kniffen

Bernardo H. Mayoral

Bernardo Hernández Mayoral was Jaime's client

I have known Jaime for a few years. Her photography work is truly a work of art and is reflective of her appreciation for Asian culture.

Bernardo Hernández Mayoral



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